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Should you buy travel insurance or not?

Should you buy travel insurance or not?

The great debate about whether you should buy travel insurance or not is very well alive today. Some might say it’s a waste of money and while there are some occasions where you might not need it, everyone should consider buying travel insurance. With so many factors and scenarios surrounding your trip, purchasing travel insurance will give you peace of mind on your long-awaited trip. Here is one of the main reasons why you should buy travel insurance.

This is one of the most important reasons why you should buy travel insurance.

Whether you are planning to hike in the Peruvian jungle or simply go for a sightseeing tour in Madrid, anything can happen at any time. We tend to think that nothing will happen to us and all those horror stories from other travelers are just over exaggerated tales.

Even a simple and innocent stomach pain or a high fever can lead to immense medical bills without insurance. You definitely don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are enduring tooth pain or other health problems and not going to the hospital just because you don’t have the insurance.

Medical travel insurance can give you a piece of mind, especially if you are on an adventurous trip.

Losing your luggage and all the necessary items is still a pretty common thing.

It could be anything, from expensive recording gear to the new fancy clothes you bought for the holiday including important documents like a passport.

Even light luggage can be very expensive to replace and travel insurance can reimburse these expenses.

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Weather conditions, volcanic eruptions, and technical issues are just a few of many factors that can lead to a canceled or rescheduled flights.

Having travel insurance is always a good idea if you have multiple flights ahead. Travel insurance will cover these expenses and will not leave you empty handed without even taking off.

Thinking about that multiple day trek in the Himalayas? Or maybe visiting remote areas with no facilities around is your thing? People get escorted out constantly in areas like Ladakh, India while hiking.

While being an uncommon thing, evacuation from the danger zone or a flight to the hospital with a helicopter can cost you thousands and you can end up paying for it even after your trip.

If your upcoming trip involves more adventurous and extreme plans, make sure to have this area covered in your travel insurance.

You might forget about home for a moment, while you enjoy your margaritas by the pool or the sea. But life doesn’t stop there and something might occur that will lead you to return earlier than planned.

Emergency or not, your airline might charge you for flight changes or you might end up buying a new ticket. Travel insurance can help with these expenses as well.