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6 Best Places to Travel on a Budget

6 Best Places to Travel on a Budget

When thinking of places to visit, budget is one of the main factors for most people. Luckily, nowadays with all the information easily found on the internet, it takes just a few clicks to discover cheapest trips and plan out your budget accordingly.

You will be surprised, but places that you used to think are expensive to visit, most of the time turn out to be pretty budget-friendly if you arrange everything in the right way.

Here is the list of our favorite international places to visit on budget:


It would be hard to find a list of recommended destinations without Thailand mentioned within. Gorgeous sandy, sunny beaches, standalone islands, amazing street food and people of the local Asian culture will make you fall in love with Thailand. As bizzare as it may sound, visiting Thailand is more budget friendly than you had ever thought. Going by eating street food, staying in cheaper guesthouses and traveling by buses can take as less as roughly $25 a day. But if you decide to stay in more expensive accommodation and eat exotic meals, then this cost could reach up to $50 a day, but keeping in mind that this is Thailand, that’s still rather reasonable.

Trips to Thailand Fiji

When we think of Pacific Island destinations, most of us associate it with expensive places with overpriced hotels, food and services, however with Fiji that is not really the case comparing it to it’s neighbor islands. Putting some time to look for a cheaper hotel and cities to stay will leave you living the time of your life in Fiji while sunbathing at sandy beaches and enjoying seafood on a budget.

Trips to Fiji Cuba

Thinking of visiting a Caribbean island anytime soon? Then you should really consider Cuba as your choice. Doesn’t matter if you’re into dancing salsa all night long or enjoying a coctail by the sea, Cuba is a surprisingly budget friendly destination regardless.

Trips to Cuba Eastern Europe

This one is for those, who are actually on a tight budget line. The reason being, most of the people when they think about Eastern Europe they imagine post-communism culture, which is clearly just a wrong image being. Not only Europe is full of amazing history, people, beautiful landscapes and daily tours, it is as well stupidly cheap. Can you imagine paying $3 for a pizza the size of half a table, or staying in a hotel for under $10 a night in Ukraine? Exactly.

Trips to Europe India

India was never considered to be an expensive place to visit, so not adding it to this list wouldn’t even feel right. If you are into backpacking, rich local culture, green tea, all sorts of crazy local food and friendly locals, thanks to India’s local currency, you will find it difficult to spend over $40 a day, even without planning the budget prior.

Trips to India Central America

When it comes to Central America (Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala), finding a place to stay can be done on a budget of around $15 a night and $3-4 for a nice meal. That is almost nothing compared to the place you’re visiting, when you are completely surrounded by jungle and ancient ruins within.

Trips to Central America