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4 Most Common Travel Scams (and how to avoid them)

4 Most Common Travel Scams (and how to avoid them)

If you are coming to an unknown place and planning to visit the tourist attractions, it's more than easier to fall for a scam without even knowing it. Travel scams can be found in every country and here we will break down four most common travel scams and how you can avoid them.

taxi overcharge

Taxi overcharge is very common if not the most common travel scam out there. One of the most popular strategies for this scam is a broken taxi meter. This is more common to third world countries, while there are other scam methods to watch out for, like faster meter rate or driver demanding pre-payment.

How To Avoid It:

To avoid this scam you need to do a little bit of research on how much the ride should actually cost. Whether it's asking your hotel staff, googling or simply asking local people. Once you know the price, always ask the driver how much will be the ride before entering the vehicle.

If you at the airport or any kind of station, try to use the taxi booth to get a taxi ticket and always use licensed and official taxis!

child beggars

Another popular scam on the streets almost anywhere. A begging child who is blind and injured can evoke compassion in anyone but don’t hurry to hand over your hard earned money. These scams are run by gangs to collect money while the child gets nothing and is abused.

How To Avoid It:

It's almost impossible to tell which beggar is legit and which is not. If you still want to help and can’t say no, then your best solution will be to give anything but cash. Try to give food or clothes, so you are not supporting the wrong people here.

street pickpocketers

Large and crowded cities like Barcelona, Mexico City or New York can be overwhelming, especially when you are there for the first time. You quickly get into the fast-paced rhythm, always looking around at new sights and get yourself lost in a chaotic adventure. And you totally forgot about that wallet in your pocket and then it's long gone when you finally remember it.

This can happen anywhere from large squares to crowded public transports and its still a very common thing.

How To Avoid It:

Try to not to make yourself a target by flashing around with fancy equipment and valuables. Purchasing items like neck wallet or locks for backpack zippers will also help to prevent easy theft on you. You can also leave most of the valuables in your hotel room and make photocopies of your documents to take it with you.

free bracelets and rosemary

A common scam in Europe, but also popular in other continents as well. A friendly and smiling person will approach you on the street. Starting off with a friendly chat they will try to tell your fortune with rosemary plant or simply put a bracelet on your hand. This way they distract you and the next thing you know, your purse and valuables might be gone. If they don’t manage to steal your belongings then they will start asking you for money and might even cause a scene.

How To Avoid It:

Never let anyone put anything on you or simply ignore them from the very start. Tell them a few words that you are not interested and just keep walking, they won’t chase you.